21 July @ Designers / Makers Market

Last Saturday was our final market in London.
I really appreciate to attended artists, and people who had a look our stalls!


Actually I felt worried about the weather in London as it wasn't good, however, it was great sunny day on Saturday! Why? Is that for Olympic games? 

And then, we saw a torch along The Old Spitalfileds. I run to take the photo with Cat so we left our stall for a bit... :P Anyway, it was a good day with sunny and the torch.

ちなみにこの日の午後、3時くらいにオリンピックのトーチリレーがThe Old Spitalfieldsの側を通りました!思わずCatと一緒に(ストール放置、笑)追いかけて遠くからだけど頑張って写真撮りました。最後とはいえ、晴れたりトーチが見れたりとなかなか素敵な日でした。

For the next of YAOMART, it's going to be in Japan!
I take 4 more Japanese illustrators there on Sunday 11th November at Design Festa in Tokyo Big Site. I'll announce it soon! Please get in touch with us, YAOMART !!


Many thanks, London! See you soon X

Old Spitalfields Market


our next market is FINAL in LONDON

Hello everyone who are watching at YAOMART, our next stall is on Saturday 21st July which is the LAST one in London. We're really pleased to see many people, fantastic artists and have events here for a year, thanks so much. After this, YAOMART will attend Design Festa in November in Japan. Anyway, please make sure to come down for our last market in London! Look forward to seeing you :)




Artists: 21 July 2012 @ Designers/Makers

This is our final YAOMART in London
These are wonderful 7 artists who are going to join on Saturday.
(You can find each artists' website by clicking their names)

Sayuri Taga

YAOMART @ Designers/Makers
Saturday 21 July 2012
venue: The Old Spitalfields Market
London E1 6EW
(easy to come from Lamb Street)