4th March: SundayUp Market in Brick Lane

The first YAOMART in 2012 was on 4th March at raised level of SundayUp Market in Brick Lane, which we normally have a market. It was quite bad weather, raining (maybe snowing as well?) and very cold air. So the place was a bit quiet though, it was good time we spent.

2012年初のマーケットはいつものBrick LaneのSundayUp Marketにて行われました。この日は雨降って(雪も降ったらしい?)さらに先週の「春が来た!」みたいな様子は消え、気温はまた下がり寒い状況でした。そのためか会場も少し人通りが寂しく感じられたのですがとても良い時間を過ごすことができました。

This time, I called only artists to join as it is hard a little to display their artworks and prints when the stall is shared by many people, also it might not be possible customers look at their works. I'm planing next stall in the mid-April, other makers (they participated few times last year) will join together.
Please pop in and have a look our works if you're in London :)




YAOMART took a rest for two months though, it's a time to go!
The first our market in 2012 is on Sunday 4th March,
at SundayUp Market in Brick Lane,
and the theme is 'ARTWORK MARKET'.

It sounds same as usual our stalls but it means that is selling artworks, prints, cards, and zines mainly.
I don't stop to sell crafts, just want to tidy up. The members are slightly different and only 5people
are illustrators/Visual artists. Hope everyone had a fun.

Date: Sunday 4th March
Place: SundayUp Market (raised level/1st floor) 91 Brick Lane, E1 9QL
Time: 10am to 5pm

Nanae Kawahara (organiser)
Matthew Dale
Mina Saito
Nozomi Hoshikawa
Ivy Mei

You can see our works here:

Look forward to seeing you!